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Mark McCleskey

ELECTION 2022 Campaign Specialist

ELECTION 2022 is 3 Months AWAY!

Campaigning for Congress or any race is EASY using our $4700 Set of 10 Videos. Call Mark Today at 410-956-5050.



Some of us make mistakes. I know that because during a quick decision to run for office myself, I learned the VALUE of VIDEO MARKETING myself. Pat Murphy and I have worked together for several years now. She was the one who got me to understand the changing Privacy laws have put pressure on digital marketing and programmatic advertising. VIDEO WON.

WHY? Because Video Delivers the Message to your population faster, better, and more effective than print.


Pricing Ranges from $2650 to $4700 and covers campaigns that may not be in the Winners’ Circles today, but 500 Votes Short of Taking that From the Opponents Win.


We Specialize in the LOW BUDGET BUT DRIVEN-TO-SUCCEED campaigns. Call me today. Let’s Show You How We Won.


Check Out Great Examples of Political Videos Election 2022

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Digital Mark Works

Call me today to talk about how:

  •  Programmatic Digital Marketing
  • Addressable Geo Fencing
  • Website Design and SEO Efficiency
  • Email Campaigns – Still a Viable Option for low and high-end budgets
  • Video – 4 times or more as effective as print can all work strategically to get you to the Winners Circle at election time.


  • Cable TV 
  • Radio 
  • Political consulting 
  • Peer to peer Texting 
  • No Ring voice mail 
  • Political fundraising

 Let’s get an affordable package that works for you!

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Take it by Horns McShane

McShane Wins Elections

As one of my partners, if McShane fits your budget, let’s work a Winnable Strategy. Experts in high-end visual campaigns, video, digital marketing and more.

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Mark Will Work with you on the Partners that Fit Your Campaign.

All Budgets are Welcome. Whether your campaign has $2K or $200K to spend on winning, call me today.


Intent-Based Marketing Works. Let me show you how to tailor your election to cellphones of voters or houses in your political zone to WIN.

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Addressable Geofencing

Website Design

Effective Email Campaigns & more


– Mark Mccleskey


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