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Mark McCleskey

Digital Marketing Specialist

Campaigning for office at this year’s election? Or need a digital solution to keep up with competition, I am here 24×7 to talk. Let me show you how digital programs from Programmatic Marketing to Facebook and more can Win Elections or better ROI.


Mark is a “Buyer Consultant” his service is free to you. He is paid by who ever you choose to deliver your digital 
Solution or technical solution. He will help you get the most out of your digital campaign at the lowest possible price.

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Digital Mark Works

Call me today to talk about how:

  •  Programmatic Digital Marketing
  • Addressable Geo Fencing
  • Website Design and SEO Efficiency
  • Email Campaigns – Still a Viable Option for low and high-end budgets
  • Video – 4 times or more as effective as print can all work strategically to get you to the Winners Circle at election time.


  • Cable TV 
  • Radio 
  • Political consulting 
  • Peer to peer Texting 
  • No Ring voice mail 
  • Political fundraising

 Let’s get an affordable package that works for you!

Partners and Mark


Intent-Based Marketing Works. Let me show you how to tailor your election to cellphones of voters or houses in your political zone to WIN.

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Addressable Geofencing

Website Design

Effective Email Campaigns & more


– Mark Mccleskey


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