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I joined this industry back when it changed from only big business and politics to small businesses and local politicians could afford this digital industry. This puts me in with the few who were the pioneers for the small business and local politicians.

Call me to learn about the hottest thing in marketing today — INTENT-BASED marketing.

30 Years of Insurance and Real Estate

30 years buying and selling real estate. Owner of McCleskey Properties. Premium Financing, Home Warranties, Property Management and Drones,
commercial and military.

HVAC and Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake Energy, LLC – Sales.
In April 2020 Mark Joined Chesapeake Engery, LLC with a focus on commercial HVAV tune ups. 

International Businessman

Managing Partner of Brazil Direct, LLC, which partners with Americans wanting to invest in the lucrative Brazilian markets. – USA exclusive sales representative.

Why Go Digital?

According to leading experts, 

there will be more investment into digital marketing
for political campaigns in 2020 than all
other forms of advertising.

Affordable Video & Email Campaigns

Your campaign can be a mixture of digital marketing and video, email marketing. Let’s talk about a strategy that WINS for your individual campaign.

Digital Marketing can make or break your run for office. Let’s find an affordable strategy to win together.

  Why Mark?

Businessman Mark McCleskey

In 1986 Mark McCleskey returned to Annapolis, Maryland from Dallas,Texas where oil had dropped to $8.00 a barrel and the economy was in a depression. Mark opened the 1st Allstate NOA office in Annapolis in 1987 and was the 1st
Allstate EA Agent in America (this was Allstate’s 1st move from Employee Agents to Agency Ownership Agencies). In addition, Mark was an Owner/Partner in 3 other Allstate EA Agencies in Maryland. In 1993 Mark founded Maryland Finance Company,Inc., which finances Maryland Auto insurance premiums. In 1999 Mark joined
Globe Home Warranty as Maryland
Representative. In 2008 Mark co-founded, LLC supporting American companies in Brazil. In 1989 Mark began buying and managing 21 residential and commercial real estate properties (currently 14 properties).
In 2010 Mark sold his last Allstate Agency and in 2015 Mark merged his Maryland Finance Company with US Capital and continues to work as their broker.

In May of 2019, Mark entered digital marketing with a marketing focus on helping small businesses attract their ideal clients.


BS Degree Criminal Justice~University of Tennessee,
Martin, Tennessee
Fraternity~Pi Kappa Alpha
Frayser High School, Memphis, Tennessee